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The aim of the Ron Lycett Library is to support the teaching and learning as well as the research of both faculty and students of the University College. The Library seeks to promote the right ambiance where students will be comfortable to study and do research.


  • Borrowing policy
  • Cell phone policy
  • User behavior and Library building policy
  • Computer usage policy
  • Gift Policy
  • Late Fees and Fines
  • Lost or damaged books

Borrowing policy

The Library lends to faculty, staff, and students of the College. Please note: all borrowed books are subject to Recall with 10 days notice by email/ phone. For students, faculty, and staff of Fountainhead Christian College, the Schools ID Card is the library card. A photo ID must be presented with the borrower's card for each loan transaction. Borrowing privileges will be denied if a photo ID is not presented

What Can I Borrow and Renew?

Most Library materials circulate and may be renewed in person, or by written request. Some Library materials are designated as non-circulating such as reference as well as certain Reserve materials. Loan policies vary according to the number of copies available. Books will be loaned out to library users for a period of 15days if there are multiple copies, otherwise they would be loaned out for hours at a time if there are only 2 copies available. If there are only single copies available, they would be considered as reference only and cannot be loaned out.

Cell Phone Policy

The Library discourages the use of cell phones in Library building because users expect libraries to create an environment conducive to reading, study, research, consultation, and quiet collaboration. All library users and staff are expected to respect those who desire quietness to conduct their library activities. When entering the library building, please set cell phones, pagers, and other electronic devices to silent or vibrate mode. Users engaging in disruptive cell phone conversations will be asked by library staff to move outside. Please do not speak on cell phones while receiving service at a service desk.

User Behavior and Library Building Policy

The Library strives to maintain a welcoming, comfortable and safe environment for all users; i.e., anyone who enters our buildings, including staff. Users of the Library are expected to maintain behavior that consistently respects the rights of other users to study, conduct research, and work within the building.

Users are expected to adhere to College Library policies as well as relevant national laws. Library building monitors or other staff will ask users engaging in behavior that disrupts study and effective use of the Library to stop the disruptive behavior or leave the building. The Library reserves the right to determine what conduct constitutes “disruptive behavior.” Examples of disruptive behavior include but are not limited to: playing media without headphones or at a level that disturbs other users; making loud noises; competing noise levels amongst group study rooms; belligerent behaviors. If the disruptive behavior persists, Library building monitors or other staff will contact the campus security for assistance.

Computers usage policy

The use of computers will be limited to an hour time slot and it is accessed on the basis of whoever comes in first to request usage. The computers are meant for academic/research purposes only.

  • Users should not store data on the hard drives of library computers.
  • The Library is not responsible for any damage done to computer users’ data hardware, as a result of the malfunctioning of computer.
  • Misuse of library computer will result in the suspension or loss of privilege to use them.

Gifts to the Library

Gift materials help expand and enrich the Library’s collection. The Library welcomes donations of all types of recorded information that support the university college's curricular and research programs. Prospective donors should please consult with the librarian when planning to donate books and other printed or recorded material. All offers of gifts receive careful consideration and are evaluated in terms of the collection development goals of the Library which include:

  • Supporting the current and evolving curriculum,
  • Supporting the research needs of faculty and students,
  • Maintaining and enhancing older collections in depth.
Depending on the number of volumes being offered to a Library, an on-site evaluation of the collection by the librarian may take place before a determination to accept can be made. The Library will acknowledge all gifts as to number and subject. We will also acknowledge a list supplied by the donor and a dollar/cedi estimate, if provided. Upon receipt of a gift, the materials become the property of the College Library. The Library reserves the right to determine the retention and disposition of all gift materials. Those materials not added to the collections will be disposed of at the discretion of the Library.

Late Fees and Fines

Fines and fees will be assessed to ensure prompt return of library materials. Fines apply all days and all hours, even if the library is closed. Overdue recall fines are 8GHS per day, per item for student borrowers. When you receive a recall notice be sure to respond promptly to avoid a fine.

Lost or damaged books

Individuals who lose a book will be levied a 100GHS processing fee in addition to the actual cost of the book and any other fines that apply. Borrowers who lose or damage a book are subject to these charges: If a material is deemed too damaged to be placed back into the stocks, the borrower will pay for replacement as well as the processing charge. The same applies to the one who loses a book. If a borrower returns with a brand new exact copy or a newer edition, then only the processing fee will be levied.

Use of the Library

  • Bags should be left at the security check point on entering the library
  • Library users SHOULD NOT shelve books. All used books should be left on tables for staff to take care of
  • This is a non smoking area.
  • Drinkables of any kind, as well as food ARE NOT permitted in the Library.